Thursday, October 25, 2012

Night settles

This day has been one of exhilaration and reflection, of boredom and seclusion. I have now placed my past behind and committed to look forward on this adventure. This foray into the wilderness is not new to me as I have often taken to travel within the blessed valleys of this realm I have held so dearly. But to experience the solitude outside their protection is unnerving; to face the aspect of relying on no one but yourself. There is no one from which to seek guidance; the advise I rely on shall surely be my own.

The fire before me this first night comforts my shoulders as a blanket held within the winter depths. It is my light, it is my safety, yet it is also my signal-tower to any who are about. My first footstep has now turned to a thousand and I am still within sight of my homeland. The Sirris that beckoned me now shows its shadows below as they throw their weight across the lands and for the first time I may see them from the other side. The sentinels once tall and overpowering from within stand as mere pickets and wither beneath the glory of the night mountains.

 My first steps were not hesitant this day as I took to adventure under a clear sky, the light of a new sun glorious upon vistas I have never seen. Yet the first rock began to look just like the next and within hours my footfalls would stumble upon the rubble. One begins to watch his steps, one in front of the other instead of drinking the sights with one's head held high. The journey is attention to where one is heading and not where one is. It was my first lesson learned.

This first night holds me within the palm of its hand and shrouds me within its bosom and I am safe within the confines of the dark Sirris.

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