The Dream Valley

The Dream Valley is the first of three books of The Crystal Point Legacy series.

   The story begins in the peaceful and sheltered lands of the Chrystum, a chain of three valleys that lay above the Great Southern Wastelands and far below the four kingdoms of Ostergaul and the lands of men. For an age these lands have been a buffer between the two whose last meeting was a war of untold magnitude and destruction, leaving behind the desolate wastelands.

   But the hatred in the southern lands simmered for a thousand years. The memory of a lost war faded with time and the evils once again looked northward with lustful vengeance in their hearts. Led by the powerful Dol-shar wizards the black armies begin their march and the Chrystum is the first to feel its wrath. The eternal spring of the Dream Valley is the first casualty in the coming war and it is here that three small Sheimas and an outsider to their world begin their quest to find the one magic that has the power to turn back the darkness that has descended upon their world.

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