Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The next horizon

The day before me shines within my soul as I take in the majesty of ocean before me as sun-split meadows travel from horizon to horizon. The new day brightens the fields as petals awaken beneath their master's hand. Colors I have not before breathed fill my eyes with their heady vibrance. It is a land without boundaries, a land the valleys of the Chrystum could not hold within.

I revel in the openness that I have not experienced within the confines of the Sirris. I let the day lapse as the east winds follow from the dawn. I have no timetable for this day other than the hollow sounds of my stomach. Here though I am at home as in the fields I plow. Here is where I will gather my lunch. Fields are fields and within them the same creatures will travel and I am a master at their removal, as is any farmer worth his salt. I will take my direction as the sun begins its downward arc.

The day begins to seal its fate as the light begins to fade, its warmth a degree cooler upon my face. It is the warmth that steals my heart as the mountain passes has sapped it from my soul, and with the thoughts of the Dream Valley in my mind I shall make my way south. These fields that give new hope to my journey spring as a well from the depths of the earth. The flanks of the Sirris shall be my guide as I follow in their wake to ends unknown.

The sun shall rise upon my left shoulder come the dawn.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Field of dreams

The sun lifts the curtain of night from the open plain and shines its light upon the golden reeds that fill the expanse before me. I turn and gaze upon the hills that have sheltered me these past days and feel their presence within my mind. I turn again and let the day reveal the bounty that the world holds firm within its grasp. The breath of the east bends the stalks that bow in undulating waves before me.

I leave my mountain retreat and wade into the vastness of goldenrod that fills my view. My feet sink into the softness of the fields and leave behind the rocky trails of the Sirris. I feel the pull of the soft earth upon my boots as I step, the reeds sparse enough to make my passage easy. My hands skim along the chaff and feel the sting of hollow reed as I caress a world of growth. I see the seeds of life that float above the bending sea like swarms of locust riding silent winds. I feel their caress upon my cheeks as I step toward the fading light of dawn.

I feel a newness, a fullness of life that the Sirris possesses not. Their hollow valleys that are bold yet confining are in stark contrast to the wistful peace of glowing fields beneath sun-split clouds. For every life that leaves us, a new life begins within us. My breath pulls from the fleeting breezes and fills my soul with purpose.

I look now to the four winds in search of direction. Where shall my next steps take me upon this journey?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A vastness of wonder

The breaking dawn lights the darkness as I witness the flames of day chasing the terminus from its lofty perch. My time in these hills has come to an end and their closeness I have come to know, come to relish. The valleys that were my home coddled me in their richness; a splendor that had come to dull the senses. That I have spent these days in a vacuum of companionship save for my contact with Authurn is an achievement of consequence. I have relied on myself for conversation and fellowship.

At last I sit at the edge of my confines, my mind seething with the possibilities of the dawn. The light hovers just below the horizon as it streaks its power across the desert of night. The horizon begins to glow as my eyes begin to transition from the night, the stars that were my curtain beginning to give way. I peer from the depths, the edge of the last valley, the last of the Sirris that has held my hand upon this journey.

The day bursts upon the world as there is nothing save the horizon to hold back the morning. The lands before me are as wide as an ocean, the openness nearly more than my eyes can take it. The grasses bow beneath a gentle breeze as it runs freely across the plain, the tops of the feathered stalks rolling as ripples across a waterless sea. A vastness such as this have I never seen before.

A new horizon I have before me beckons. Where shall this course take me? What trails will I find within its vastness? Perhaps the dawn shall light my way.