Monday, October 1, 2012

Day dreams

I awake yet again to a new day, the sun slipping its vision beneath my shades. The dreams that haunted my sleep have left their imprint upon my conscious mind. My eyes float about my small bedroom as the night lifts slowly from its cradle. Another day.

The visions held within my dreams fight to see the light of day. Their message is clear; the fences that hold me within the Chrystum can no longer hold my thoughts. I long to see the world outside the fortress mountains that ring my home, my prison, my life. The glow surrounding my window reveals the day's first struggle, the sun's escape from the grasp of the Sirrus Mountains to the east, their peaks no longer holding the light within their passages. It is what I long for, what I now seek each day; passage from this place.

My day continues as each day has for the past several years. The visions once held only within my night dreams now invade my day world. My vision is filled with magical places of sun and water and mountain passages that thread the world with their beauty from times long forgotten. I see vast and bountiful fields of golden yellow and copper petals bowing beneath the gentle breezes that caress my skin. My eyes search for these treasures buried within my world, but to no avail. I am no longer content within its boundaries.

My friends have never wavered with their loyalty through the long years of our lives. Perhaps those bonds will remain unbroken as my time nears to rupture the hold this valley claims upon my soul. My time nears its end within these confines. The sentinels will hold me little longer.

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