Silent Watcher

Silent Watcher is the second of three books of The Crystal Point Legacy series.

   The onslaught from the southern wastelands has overwhelmed the peaceful lands of the Chrystum forcing Seika, Chimol and Mr. Clancy to flee. It is their only hope of rescuing their lands from the evil that has raped their world. But things have not gone as planned and the Searcher, heir to his family's legacy has fallen to a stray arrow and is near death.

   With the injuries to the Searcher, their quest is near failure and only the sudden arrival of Reylor, Chief of the Palace Guards of Eirlorn offers them hope. His strength rivals the most stout-hearted of men and it is this strength and loyalty to Dwylar that forces them to make the ultimate decision; the life of Dwylar, or treason.

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