Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beyond the here and now

I have crossed the boundary that has shielded my life from the outside world, a world at which I may only guess. Too long have I confined myself to the sheltered lands of the Chrystum. I feel the pull to turn and peer across the divide, a glance over my shoulder at what was, my life as I knew it. But I fight the urge. I must look back at some point, hopefully only on reflection of times long past after my journey has taken me away from these valleys. Will that look be one of satisfaction that my journey has fulfilled my lust for adventure, or an admittance of failure and a longing for a comfortable life again?

I have entrusted the care of my past to my cousin Sandy, a bright fellow in whom I have full confidence. Whether I return in a day or in a year my lands and what I hold shall be in good hands. A most stalwart lad I could not have chosen better. He is like me in a way; his eyes look toward the hills and past the trees but he is unable to pull himself from his work, a taskmaster to the last, one married to detail. Alas, it is not within his heart to venture into the unknown. I would surely welcome his company on this fateful journey. Fateful to the last as I can not imagine a scenario where these next steps do not alter my life in a most unimaginable way.

I now behold the majesty of the Sirris, the mountains that have sheltered this land, and protected it from lives unknown. I feel the pull of their song; I feel the mists that hover above their lowland hills yet keep their steeples unknown to my eyes. What shall I find upon these lofty peeks as they bear my first steps into the brave beyond. A second step and a third and I feel the exhilaration of adventure which has eluded my soul.

I shall only look forward, for now.

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