Death of Kings

Death of Kings is the third and last book of The Crystal Point Legacy series

 Book three of The Crystal Point Legacy continues as the company of the crystal is embroiled in a murder attempt on the king of the Rim. As they struggle, the war they feared, the war they could not prevent has come at last to the lands of men. After a hundred generations the divided kingdoms of Ostergaul have been invaded by forces nearly beyond comprehension, beyond measure. The lands to their south now brutally raped bear the scars of the power that now stands below the Palorn Mountains, poised to end their reign in the north.
With the kingdoms divided, only the frail hopes of three Sheimas embroiled in a quest that was not their own, and the forgotten power of a legend held only in lore stand in the way. The power of the crystal must be found and brought to bear or all hope is lost. The war for the world of men is at hand.

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