Monday, February 6, 2017

A day after

A day has passed since Authurn and I have parted company. This second sun begins to bring new life to my heart. As I pass one foot before the other I begin to feel more like myself, at least the self I have begun to know since I have left the confines of the Middle Valley. I feel the new warmth upon my shoulder, life's light from the east calling the world from the depths of its slumber. My confidence in the world around me is slowly returning as I struggle to shake the memories of my capture.

I look out now across the barren landscape and view the changing landscape as wild grasses and weeds, stunted wildflowers and awkward bare patches of soil have slowly taken the place of lusher fields across the edge of the Far Wilderness. I know this place only by the tales told within the Chrystum, though how those tales have come to be is a mystery. Few if any of a Sheima clan have walked its depths that these tales could be told. I as well have only now cast my first glances at its edges.

The Far Wilderness is a place in name only to most. I feel its call as I stop, my face turning fully unto the rising sun. I am bathed in its warmth now fully as I feel its heat wrap my soul. Perhaps this is my calling, my next step away from the Sirris. I look over my shoulder to spy the mountains that surround my homeland. I would likely be a third of the way down into the Dream Valley, the lowest of the lands within the Chrystum. Yet, without a familiar marker, I may only guess at my progress. I turn and look again over the plains tinged with fading orange from the dawn.

South. My journey takes me south. Perhaps one day it will take be to meet the rising sun, but it shall not be this day.

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