Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dancing flames

This night I find myself restless, the crackling fires that keep us warm are that which soothes my thoughts. Yet, it is not enough as my mind meanders through these past hours, these hours that were my indignant torture. The flames dance before my weary eyes as I lay upon the dampness of the cool earth.

My eye falls to my savior, this man-folk, this Authurn. He has let this night pass seemingly without thought and is held tightly within his nights dreams. He seems undisturbed. Would that I had the strength of his metal to face this world I know nothing about. This episode has proven that I am not destined for a life of adventure. My journey is surely a folly to be played out for all the world to see.

The burning of my chest causes me to exhale and my sight falls away to the night, but it is useless as the flames again call them home. My savior rests easily though he has fought a tremendous battle this day. His hand is steady and strong while my fingers quiver beneath the weight of a simple farmer's knife. My breast suffers the weight of this day as I feel the fear that lingers within my soul.

The creatures of the night sing their songs yet retreat from the dancing light. It is not their world. Theirs is one of darkness beneath a lesser sky, much like that of my captors. My sight wanders to the darkness held between the trees which shelter us this night. Darkness is not the world I tread, yet I shall be doomed to walk its paths for a time. My journey is not yet over.

My vision fades as the flames dance, my shield against the darkness this night.

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