Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A taste of home

I look again about the cozy cabin as supper is placed before me, which has such an intoxicating aroma that it tickles my nose. I immediately sense the tingling of spices of which I have no memory. The smells intrigue me, though I know I must wait my turn. I would be an impolite guest to lift my fork before my host, though the scents are nearly overwhelming. Upon Clarisa's return, she seats herself and gestures towards my plate.

"Do not wait on us, Mr. Clancy."

Her smile again taps a corner within my heart I had not known before. I return her look with a polite smile and a nod, my fork stabbing at the offering. Within seconds my tongue explodes with sensations I could only dream of. The sliver of meat caresses my mouth, its own skin tender. I know the texture well but the flavor eludes me. I slice a wedge from the salad as the oils clinging to the fork begin to slide away. Again, nothing I have ever eaten has given me this experience. It is evident to my hosts as my eyes light with each taste.

"I hope you are satisfied with our small supper, Mr. Clancy."

"Oh my yes," I reply. "Sir, I have never tasted anything quite like this before."

"Not of my doin', Clancy," he replies as  his own fork stabs at the plate. "Clarisa is near the finest cook I have ever come across in all my years."

"Now Reenie, you'll make me blush."

Her words were true as a light flesh of color quickly arrived upon her round cheeks.She stretches her arm across the small table, laying her hand on his. Her touch brought a smile to his lips. It is obvious they are as much in love as any I have ever seen. Everything they do, they do for each other. Perhaps it is necessary out here in such a lonely place in the world. Perhaps it is something more, something I have not known in my life.

For a moment, I again feel as an intruder into their world as a sudden lack of companionship becomes obvious, at least on my part. I turn my eyes back to my supper as an empty place makes its presence known within my heart.

I feel suddenly alone in life.

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