Friday, June 14, 2013


The gentle smile I see pales against the sweetness of her soft voice. It is as a feather, soft and lyrical as it floats upon a summer's breeze. Her welcome is as luxurious as a full blanket on a winter's day. It is warm and sincere. Her eyes light as the stars of a night sky as she welcomes me within.

My host ruffles his cloak and slips it upon a well-used hook affixed to a worn board in the wall next to the door. There is but a pair of them, side by side, surely meant only for my hosts. His steps to her are quick as a soft caress upon her lips brings a second light to her eyes as her hands slip across his shoulders. Her eyes close slowly before she turns her attentions in my direction.

"We have a guest, my love." Her smile brings an instant warmth to my heart as does the cabin to my tired body.

"Clarisa, yes." The old man turns in a measured stance and nods in my direction. "Clancy, is it? Yes, Clancy, that is it. He is a long way from home."

"Mr. Clancy." Her smile is intoxicating as her voice soothes my ears. "We are just about to sit for supper. Would you join us?"

"I would be most honored," I reply.

"Reenie, would you set another place on the table?"

Without hesitation a third setting is worked carefully onto the small table. It is evident as I glance around this humble abode it is a home, one filled with warmth, but a home of two. There seem to be two of everything; two hooks by the door, two chairs nestled close to the hearth and two chairs tucked up against the small table which is obviously built for dinner for two. Dinner is quickly set as I do my best to stay out of the way, but I am motioned to my seat.

"Please Mr. Clancy, be seated while we finish our task."

I take my place trying not to take up more space than I should. I suddenly feel as if I am intruding.

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