Friday, February 15, 2013

Field of dreams

The sun lifts the curtain of night from the open plain and shines its light upon the golden reeds that fill the expanse before me. I turn and gaze upon the hills that have sheltered me these past days and feel their presence within my mind. I turn again and let the day reveal the bounty that the world holds firm within its grasp. The breath of the east bends the stalks that bow in undulating waves before me.

I leave my mountain retreat and wade into the vastness of goldenrod that fills my view. My feet sink into the softness of the fields and leave behind the rocky trails of the Sirris. I feel the pull of the soft earth upon my boots as I step, the reeds sparse enough to make my passage easy. My hands skim along the chaff and feel the sting of hollow reed as I caress a world of growth. I see the seeds of life that float above the bending sea like swarms of locust riding silent winds. I feel their caress upon my cheeks as I step toward the fading light of dawn.

I feel a newness, a fullness of life that the Sirris possesses not. Their hollow valleys that are bold yet confining are in stark contrast to the wistful peace of glowing fields beneath sun-split clouds. For every life that leaves us, a new life begins within us. My breath pulls from the fleeting breezes and fills my soul with purpose.

I look now to the four winds in search of direction. Where shall my next steps take me upon this journey?

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