Thursday, April 17, 2014

A light of life

At the moment of my freedom, the sun blazes through the sun-swept canopy above. It is as a sign of deliverance, and I am free once more. My hand releases the rod that was to be my savior, letting it fall to the ground. The voice that once I heard, I hear again, in time of my greatest need.

"You seem to have a penchant for getting in trouble, Clancy."

I nod, as the expression of my gratitude shines through. Not once, but twice have I been the benefactor of such good fortune.

"Authurn." His name is all that I can offer as my body begins to shake. My courage is leaving me in the face of my savior. My breath is heavy as my knees land in the moist earth, my head falling toward my chest. I lift my face to warm it in the light of day.

"Clancy, it is over."

He strides toward me, standing tall in the light of day. Sunlight beams over his shoulder, his shadow casting its pall upon me, but it is a blanket of salvation that lifts my soul. I can do nothing but smile in relief.

"You have come to my aid in times past, my friend. That I could call you friend, if I could be so bold."

His booming laugh echoes across the clearing, yet another dagger in the backs of my enemies. His hand comes to rest upon my shoulder, and I feel the power of his touch. His face is alight as the sun itself. His is a soul of joy, even in this time of death.

"We shall be friends from this day forward, Clancy." He chuckles at the notion. "It seems we come together at the most opportune times."

"Opportune for me, that is."

"Be that as it may, it is a beautiful day and we shall make the best of it."

A helping hand raises not only my body from the damp ground, but lifts my soul in reverie. I shall live to walk the world, another day.

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